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EAAA meets the First Friday of each month in 2012 unless otherwise stipulated.

The regular meeting place, unless otherwise noted, is:
Pensacola State College Geology Lecture Room 1775.
This is upstairs in the Baroco Science Building.


For information on club programs, email Dr. Wooten at and ask to be put on the email notification list.



Model Airplane Park Map for Stargazes


Special Slide Presentation on Light Pollution courtesy of Dave Halupowsky


General Information

Escambia Amateur Astronomers' Association is a non-profit educational organization which was founded in 1976 (a resurrection of a previous incarnation that began in the early 60's and died when the majority of its members went off to college), and was revived to continue to serve the Florida panhandle and south Alabama area. EAAA is a member of The Astronomical League, SERAL (Southeast Region of the Astronomical League) division.
Memberships include both local club membership, and correspondent memberships for those outside of the Northwest Florida area.

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Membership Categories and Benefits

Membership benefits include:  subscription to the monthly newsletter, certificate eligibility for the EAAA Education Program, "loan" equipment for $1.00 per month, activities and informational meetings that advance knowledge of astronomy and equipment use, and membership and benefits as accorded to members of the Astronomical League and SERAL (the South East Region of the Astronomical League) which includes certificate programs in their "Observe" programs and subscription to any publications such as the AL "Reflector" or the SERAL newsletter.

Correspondent Membership benefits include a subscription to the monthly EAAA newsletter, and Astronomical League membership with the above mentioned subscriptions and observing program certificate benefits.  

Regular and Family Membership.....$24.00
Student and Senior Membership.....$12.00

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Visitors, Welcome!

if you are planning a visit to the Pensacola / northwest Florida area, and would like to participate in a stargaze, you are welcome to join in any EAAA activities, including stargazes at dark sky sites, or club meetings.
Maps of the location of Pensacola StateCollege and the PSC Planetarium can be provided for those who might be visiting Pensacola at a time when the club is having a general meeting or a publicized event. For a map locating Escambia Amateur Astronomers' Association, please send an SASE to:

Dr. Wayne Wooten
Physical Science Department
1000 College Blvd.
Pensacola, FL 32504

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Club Activities

EAAA activities
include: regular stargazes at dark sky sites; hosting the Fort Pickens Sky Interpretation sessions bi-weekly each summer; school presentations; Astronomy and Space Exploration Merit Badge counseling for Boy Scouts of America; organized, public lunar or solar eclipse watches; Young Astronaut Chapter 1578; comet watches (when practical); Earth Day/Astronomy Day displays, and various other activities which include two social events per year--a Perseid picnic in the second week of August, and a December Christmas party that includes a "covered dish" social and the distribution of presents to children age 12 and under.
Occasionally, the EAAA has been asked to take pledges for Public Television
as a community service.  The club occasionally takes on humanitarian or educational projects.

Special events will be listed with all pertinent information on the "Events" page of this site.

The EAAA also has a valuable Education Program that introduces new amateurs to basic astronomical concepts, and is a good beginning for a workable knowledge of astronomical procedures.  After the initial open book test, points are awarded for participation in various activities to advance through the various levels and attain the corresponding certificate of completion.  

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Monthly Newsletter

The monthly newsletter, The Meteor, is distributed to a membership approaching 200, and to approximately 200 correspondent clubs, schools, civic and scientific organizations, and individuals. The subscription cost  is $10.00, and may be mailed to club Treasurer, Jim Larduskey at 4660 Shannon Circle, Pensacola, Florida 32504.

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Loan Equipment

One of EAAA's most popular features is its collection of various telescopes and equipment which may be checked out by club members for the low price of $1.00 per month.  This loan program allows newer members who do not have equipment to experiment with various styles and sizes of telescopes, and determine what they would prefer to purchase.  The 8" Celestron may only be checked out by those who have completed Level III of the EAAA Education Program.  It also allows members who have very large telescopes to participate in star gazes without having to transport the large, unwieldy 'scopes.

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Club Meeting Schedule

Club meeting weeks change each year, depending on the phase of the moon.  Club meetings fall on the Friday with the most occurrences of Full Moon during that time frame.  This allows for more observing events during New Moon phase, without the interference of a club meeting taking up observing time.

The annual meeting schedule is listed (in red) at the top of this page.

Club meetings include a business session and a program.  Programs are varied, and may include lectures with instructional information, show-and-tell sessions (astrophotography, or other), special guest lectures, or panel discussions.

General meeting announcements will be located at the top of this page.
Occasionally, the club holds meetings at sites other than Pensacola State College.  The information on changes will be found at the top of this page under the general information for the annual schedule.

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Current Officers

Steve Self



Ed Magowan


Sharon Bogart

 (850) 983-9860

Jim Larduskey 
(850) 434-3638
Jacque Falzone 
Warren Jarvis 
(850) 623-8061

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Who Do I Contact?


For a free copy of the current newsletter, send your name and address and request to Dr. Wooten at

Subscription to the monthly newsletter, the "Meteor" ($10.00/year)
EAAA annual dues:  
$24.00 for regular and family memberships
$12.00 for seniors (age 60 and up) 
$12.00 for student memberships (must be currently enrolled in a course of study at any institution)
Send checks payable to EAAA at:
4660 Shannon Circle 
Pensacola, FL 32504


ALCOR (Astronomical League Correspondent) and Editor of the "Meteor" newsletter:
Dr. Wayne Wooten
(850) 484-1152 (voice mail)


Steve Self


Ed Magowan
850) 458-0577


Jim Larduskey



Mary Kathleen Heuvelman



Sharon Bogart
(850) 983-9860


In order to avoid accidental deletion of email along with spam, please Title your email with an astronomical reference such as "Telescope Question," or "Astronomy Question," or Stargaze Question." 

Dewey Barker


Warren Jarvis             


Dennis Hausch            


Jacque Falzone 


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