For those clear nights that afford optimal viewing, the club has a couple of stargaze sites, one in North West Florida located at Munson, and the other is in southeast Alabama.  The maps  of these areas (provided by Dave Halupowski and Bob Hill) will take some time to load, but should provide you with clear direction for getting to the observing site of your choice.  Other observing sites/sessions will be given in the newsletter for large group activities, or on the Astronomy Bulletin Board.  
Check  the EAAA section of the Astronomy Bulletin Board for listings of stargaze plans.  Only members of the ABB may post messages.  If you are not a member of the board, please register.  Astronomy Bulletin Board membership is separate from EAAA membership, open for anyone interested in astronomy.

To check the seeing predicted for your area, check with:  http://cleardarksky.com/csk/ .  If your area is not listed, please write Attila Danko and request that your observation area be included.  If you find this service useful, please e-mail Allan Rahill so that he can justify the time and effort put into keeping this information updated, and keep this service open.

If you are new to astronomy, you may want to check out Stargaze Tips and Etiquette  to answer your questions of what to bring and what to do at a stargaze.

As you make plans to attend the tentatively scheduled stargaze, remember that all stargazes are "weather permitting."   You may want to check the maps at the Weather Channel a couple of days in advance to check the probability of clear skies and good seeing.  You can plug in any area that you need, as well as checking for regional weather trends.

For Universal Time, Sidereal Time, Sunrise/Sunset, Moon Phase, and other useful information, visit the U. S. Naval Observatory website.

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