This listing gives you the name of the meteor shower, the radiant (the constellation that it appears to come from), and, if known, the parent comet.

For more information on meteorites, visit the Tektite and Meteorite page.


Name of Meteor Shower

"Apparent" Constellation Origin
( the Radiant)

Parent Comet
January 3 Quadrantids originally from Mural Quadrant constellation, which was discarded and integrated with Bootes Unknown
April 21 Lyrids from Lyra 1861I Thatcher
May 4 Eta Aquarids from Aquarius Halley
June 30 Beta Taurids from Taurus Encke
July 30 Delta Aquarids from Aquarius Unknown
August 12 Perseids from Perseus 1862III Swift-Tuttle
October 9 Draconids from Draco Giacobini-Zimmer
October 20 Orionids from Orion Halley
November 7 Taurids from Taurus Encke
November 16 Leonids from Leo 1866I Tuttle
December 13 Geminids from the Gemini 3200 Phaeton


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